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International Visitor Survey

National Visitor Survey

Regional Expenditure

Overseas Arrivals and Departures

Survey of Tourist Accommodation

Tourism Regions

The tourism regions are constructed from allocations of whole Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2s) as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Tourism regions are provided to ABS by Tourism Research Australia (TRA).

Tourism region boundaries are updated annually by TRA in consultation with State and Territory tourism organisations.

Research Insights & Target Market

Who we're talking to - the customer

TEQ targets domestic travellers who will generate a disproportionate share of OVE for Queensland.  Those identified as High Value Travellers (HVT’s) engage in domestic leisure travel, spend more than the average traveller on leisure trips, and are aligned to Queensland’s competitive offering, indicating they are interested in having the types of leisure experiences Queensland has to offer.

In international markets, TEQ currently targets Experience Seekers.  This segmentation is however currently under review by Tourism Australia (TA) and TEQ with a view to adopting our HVT approach in all TEQ source markets.

Source:  High Value Traveller research commissioned with BDA Marketing Planning, 2017

High Value Traveller profiles

TEQ also targets HVTs in international markets, aligning with Tourism Australia's (TA) approach. International HVTs travel internationally out of their home region, would consider or intend to visit Australia, are aligned to Australia's competitive offering and spend more than the average leisure traveller on trips, resulting in a longer stay and greater dispersal. For more information on international HVTs see: