International Tourism Snapshot

The International Tourism Snapshot provides an overview of the international visitors to Queensland. The data includes the number of visitors, their country of origin, their reason for travel and expenditure. The report covers all regions of the state and is supplemented by comparisons to other national and state tourism trends.

Fact Sheet Year Ending September 2018

Latest snapshot:  International Tourism Snapshot - Year ending September 2018

Previous snapshot: International Tourism Snapshot - Year ending June 2018

Note: Preliminary IVS Results

The International Visitor Survey (IVS) results for the year ended September 2018 are preliminary and do not include any data relating to purpose of visit.

This is because the quality of the main purpose of visit component of the passenger data supplied to Tourism Research Australia (TRA) by the Department of Home Affairs has been identified as a concern. There are no issues with the IVS survey collection methodology.

The Australian Government is working to resolve these issues and it is likely that a back cast of TRA data will be required. TRA will release revised estimates once a solution has been implemented.