International Tourism Snapshot


The International Tourism Snapshot provides an overview of the international visitors to Queensland. The data includes the number of visitors, their country of origin, their reason for travel and expenditure. The report covers all regions of the state and is supplemented by comparisons to other national and state tourism trends.

Note highline state level results have been released for the year ending June 2020, with more detailed results to be announced in the future.

Fact Sheet Year Ending June 2020

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Visitation to Queensland

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These fact sheets provide an overview of total visitors to Queensland and its regions, i.e both domestic and international. The information includes number of visitors, their reason for travel and their expenditure.

Note: Due to small sample sizes, the three-year trend change has been used to analyse changes in some regions.

Fact Sheet Year ending March 2020>

Latest snapshot: Total International and Domestic Fact Sheet Year Ending March 2020