The Tourism Data Explorer V2.5 is an interactive dashboard that provides users with access to International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Survey (NVS) time series data for visitation and expenditure within Australia.

Important Notes

This release of year ending December 2018 data includes purpose-of-visit information and revisions to IVS estimates from 2005 to 2018. Because results have been revised back to 2005 please do not use/compare previously published data.

This research is conducted by Tourism Research Australia (TRA). The survey results are based on a sample, rather than a census. For further details on the methodology of the IVS and NVS please visit:

The tourism regions used by TRA are defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Data has been adjusted to conform to Tourism and Events Queensland’s holiday and tourism region definitions.
  • Holiday has been adjusted to remove 'Incentive reward provided by business employer'.
  • ALoS means average length of stay in nights.
  • Southern Great Barrier Reef (SGBR) consists of the ABS Bundaberg and Central Queensland (i.e. Gladstone and Capricorn) tourism regions.
  • Southern Queensland Country (SQC) consists of the ABS Darling Downs tourism region.
  • Townsville consists of the ABS Northern tourism region.
  • TNQ consists of the ABS Tropical North Queensland tourism region.

Disclaimer: By using this information you acknowledge that this information is provided by Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) to you without any responsibility on behalf of TEQ.  You agree to release and indemnify TEQ for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of your reliance on this information.  TEQ does not represent or warrant that this information is correct, complete or suitable for the purpose for which you wish to use it.  The information is provided to you on the basis that you will use your own skill and judgement and make your own enquiries to independently evaluate, assess and verify the information’s correctness, completeness and usefulness to you before you rely on the information.