NZ i-Sites Economic Impact Analysis

New research has highlighted the key role i-SITE visitor centres play in unlocking visitor spending in New Zealand’s lucrative tourism sector.
The Economic Impact Analysis of the i-SITE Network report shows that i-SITEs improve visitor experiences, which in turn increases local spending and generates local benefits.  Read More.


The Influence of Western Australia Visitor Centres on Tourist Behaviours

Visitor Centres continue to play a crucial role in informing and educating tourists about local areas and tourism products, despite increasing numbers of consumers using digital channels for searching, selecting and booking travel.  Tourism Research Australia (TRA) - in partnership with Tourism WA - contracted Metrix Consulting to research the effectiveness of visitor centres in Western Australia (WA), their impact on visitor behaviour, and how their offering can be improved.  Read More.      

SA Study

South Australian research

South Australia has undertaken some research about the impacts of Visitor Information Centres on visitor behaviour.   Click here to read the summary of results. 
View the second stage of these results here.

Can technology replace Visitor Information Centres?

The University of Wollongong has published research that explores the use of technology and its impacts on the future of Visitor 
Information Centres (VIC). Click here for a summary of the research.

 Victorian Research 2013

Victorian Research

Tourism Victoria, in conjunction with the Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) commissioned Urban Enterprise to undertake 
an analysis of VICs in Victoria in order to propose a vision for delivery of VICs in 2022.  Click here for the report

Examples of 21st century VICs

The new-look Manchester Visitor Centre in the UK opened 
its doors on 20 June 2010. Click here to watch a short 
video which showcases the centres innovative use of 
Microsoft Surface tables to help visitors explore the 
city and all it has to offer.  Click here to view the Apple Store VIC concept presented at the 2010 eTourism Summit.