VIC Styleguide

The italicised ‘’ symbol, in its various forms, is a valuable asset of accredited Visitor Information Centres throughout Queensland and the integrity of this symbol must be protected at all times. 

This manual has been created to demonstrate the correct use of the symbol in signing and general print applications. 

The following information contains the guidelines required for the use of symbol elements and should be retained as an official reference document. Accredited Visitor Information Centres in Queensland may use this symbol at any time for any use, as long as the image is in keeping with these guidelines.

If you are unsure of usage for your particular Information Centre please contact Tourism and Events Queensland at

VIC Style Guide Front Page

Download the Queensland Accredited Visitor Information Centres Style Guide

The Memento Procurement Guide

The aim of the Memento Procurement Guide is to assist VICs with advice to increase unique local product for sale to visitors by sourcing Australian mementos.  Tourism and Events Queensland saw this as an opportunity for enhancing the experience of visitors to Queensland and improving the sustainability of VICs through increasing revenue. 

The Memento Procurement Guide is accompanied by a Memento Preferred Supplier List to access suppliers to source Queensland and Australian made mementos. The Memento Preferred Supplier List provides VICs with a starting point to access suppliers to source local product for sale to tourists.

Memento Procurement Guide

Download the VIC Memento Procurement Guide
Download the Memento Preferred Supplier List