Operational Resources

The following tools are intended as supporting tools to the official Signage Policy Resource Kit. They are designed to be helpful, are optional, and not an accreditation requirement.

List of Accredited VICs

Download the List of Accredited VICs.

Brochure List

The Brochure List was created for the VIC Network, so VICs may download just one list of all the recommended brochures to be displayed. It includes the contact details of how to order the brochure, the min/max order quantity and the e-brochure, if available.

Download the Brochure List.

Visitor Data template

The Visitor Data template for 2013 through to 2018 is now available in downloadable Excel format. Use this template to record your VIC's daily visitation numbers.

Download the Visitor Data Template.

Survey form

Collecting visitor data is an essential requirement of the Queensland VIC Signage Policy. Surveys don't have to be long, they just need to ask visitors a few relevant questions. It's the best way to get feedback on whether you are giving your visitors what they want and meeting their needs.

Have a look at your current survey form. Are you getting useful information from the questions? Is it information that will help you better understand the needs of your visitors and enable you to meet those needs?

The information may also interest your stakeholders, especially your funding body.

Here is an example of a short survey form. It can be printed and cut in the middle to make two copies from one A4 page. If you would like a word version to customise with your own questions, email VIC Secretariat. There is a full-length survey in the VIC Signage Policy Resource Kit, please check back here again soon. 

VIC Secretariat contact details

VIC Secretariat
Visit Queensland Pty Ltd
Melanie Sands - Administration Manager
Phone: 0459 992 030
Email: info@visitqueensland.com.au

If you have ideas that work well in your VIC and you are happy to share, contact Therese Phillips.